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Cuttings taken 3/5/23. Cut square under bottom leaf node and diagonal above second leaf node. dip in rooting hormone and place in damp sand (got the sand from the arroyo below). Poked hole in sand and inserted the Elderberry cuttings in about 3". Placed pots in deep shade so they stay cool and dormant.

KOAN: Elderberry wine made from raw Elderberries is very medicinal and powerful..healing . Seeds supposedly contain same arsenic compounds as Apricot pits. The seeds were strained out of wine along with the pulp.


Plant family

Plant type


Start Indoors

Start Outdoors

Transplant Out

Take Cuttings

Mid winter

The sowing and transplanting dates
are based on zone 5 guidelines and 
actual experience in our
Santa Fe , New Mexico garden.

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